Serenity Redefined

    Warm Welcome to RR Fish view Cottages Homestay – Ammathi (Coorg). Take a break from your hectic lifestyle and have a stress free, relaxing getaway staying at our homestay which opens doors to a whole new arena, where living is perfectly harmonized with nature. (more…)

We believe in sustainable living

    The energy that we receive from the sun over a single hour is enough to power the Earth for a whole year .If we could harness this incredible power, the global energy crisis can become a thing of the past.

    There is a silver lining though, especially in geographical locations that are blessed with plentiful sunshine, where initiatives are in place to harness this abundant and never-ending source of energy. In particular, by showing increasing interest in solar panels, RR fish view Cottages are clearly indicating our keenness to make the best use of the Sunshine status and our willingness to be environmentally responsible, too.
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Cable TV

Hot Water


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Nestled amongst the nature, RR Fish View Cottages offers you a unique and unforgettable experience.

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